Best multimedia technologies for your business

We are Qtex — the high-tech brand currently presenting on the European market a wide assortment of cable products.

Our product portfolio is including active HDMI and DisplayPort cables, high-speed HDMI cables, video adapter cables, audio balanced and unbalanced interconnect cables, optical TOSLINK interconnect cables, microphone and speaker cables, connectors, adapters for cables, gender changers, cable tools and more.

Multimedia cables

We offer a variety of active hybrid and passive cables,

for HDMI and DisplayPort signals, for 4K60 and future-proof 8K60 applications.


Detachable connectors

Qtex active cables with micro−HDMI ends with detachable regular-size HDMI connectors provide additional convenience for installers making it easy to run through narrow corrugated pipes or other tight conduits. No external power supply is needed.

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